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My First Rambling!!

My first blog!

So, I’ve decided that I have too much to say to be tied down to only a few minutes a week, so I  asked Sharon for some space here on our website to get things off my chest!

I hope to have some fun things to talk about, but also some more serious topics. Sometimes I feel like I have all this common sense that I must pass along! Thank you all for indulging me!

I’ve got a lot going on this week with my birthday party coming up. I’ve not prepared at all, and tomorrow night I’ll be at Sharon’s, so I won’t be getting anything done tomorrow either! That will leave Thursday and Friday night, and all day Saturday. I work best under pressure anyways!  I’m not too worried…everything will come together and be fabulous! I’ll be sure to talk about it with Sharon on the air!

Well, not too much to say for now. Just wanted to get my feet wet!

Thanks for listening!

Bill (I Am)